Pinova (also called Sonata and Corail) is a new apple variety but the flavor is definitely old-fashioned. Bred in Dresden, Germany,
the variety was introduced in 1986 and has since become very popular in Europe. It’s a cross among
‘Duchess of Oldenburg’, ‘Cox Orange Pippin’ and ‘Golden Delicious’ varieties.

It is a bi-colored apple and a favorite among those who like a little tartness to their apples. The fruit is exceptionally crisp and has a firm, dense flesh.
It has a mild, well-balanced sweet-tart flavor, which actually improves in storage. If you like a crisp, sweet,
and juicy apple you don't want to miss this promising new variety.

An apple with an attractive, bright fluorescent pink red ,blush. Pinova tastes similar to Golden Delicious. The apples have a distinctive dark red
blush over a yellow background . The light yellow flesh is juicy and crunchy crisp. This is a sweet apple with notes of honey, pineapple,and banana.
The Pinova are very tasty apples, flavorful, sweet withsome tartness, crisp, with a nice snap to each bite.